As everybody knows,life in the Philippines is not easy !Thats the reason why i decided to work abroad.This is just one of the stories of most filipinos all over the world.....

Care giver- NANNY.............a job i never thought i would have.Since i am not well versed with this kind of job.the description it self created doubt in myself.How does one become a good nanny? Are my skills good enough for me to qualify? Am i really fit to be one? these were just some of the questions that kept crossing my mind then.To think that i'll be taking care of other peoples kids rather than taking care of my own kids way back home in the philippines, send shivers down by spine.

Eventually, i realized that i have to be a bit agressive if i was determined to enter this kind of job.I went for it.Being a nanny is not that easy as other people think.I would be hypocrite if i say that i was'nt ashamed the first time i applied abroad and work as a nanny ,to think that i graduated with a degree of BS Nursing. but i shouldnt be and I must be proud instead because by doing this i could be able to send my kids to a private school and send them money to buy all the necessities needed.Being a nanny have been an instrumental for me to see different places like, Hong Kong, Europe (paris,france) and specially to bring me to where I am now, here CANADA......lucky me ey!

Well, infact, mental, physical, and emotional stress was an everyday event that i experienced. MENTAL,because as everybody knows,its a tough decision to leave your family behind.Its horrible thing to do.One thing more is that i have to think and prepare for everything for the family i am working with.What meal to prepare and cook everyday? and specially i help the kids do their home work everyday after school.We do a lot of dictation in french,read books and do the mathematics homework which I hate coz i hate numbers ey!(to tell you the truth i dont know why i choose nursing as a profession coz lots of numbers to encounter with it)

PHYSICAL, because i work 10 to 12 hrs a day!doing all the house hold chores which includes cleaning the bedrooms (4) bathrooms(3) living roon, family room and specially the kitchen.I do laundry everyday because I work with 5 persons and have to wash my clothes too.

EMOTIONAL,because of the pressure from outside and from my self that i have to succeed and be with my family again.I really missed them a lot !
-how i wish im the one preparing their breakfast when they wake up in the morning.
-how i wish im the one accompanying my kids to school everyday
-how i wish i could be able to help them do their homework everyday after school
-how i wish we could go shopping again together
-and i really missed those times that we play together,spending week-ends with them doing nothing yet loving it! and how i miss reading my kids a story books before going to bed.
Today though im still a temporary resident of canada, i consider *NANNY* one of the biggest opportunities to have knoked my door. My acceptance to this kind of job was a blessing.The everyday work had stressed out so much challenge and strain, but i remained hopeful and ever determined to bring my family here to CANADA SOOOOOONNN
And could be able to work as a nurse as my profession !Hope and prayed for that time to come :)

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