Believe that you have a distiny,the innate ability,to become all you expect of life.Experience all of life's peaks and plateaus.
Find the meaning of life's struggles and accomplishments.There you will find the meaning of life and life's work.Trust in your deeply hidden feelings, because they show the person that you are.Take hold of each opportunity,and make the most out of it!


[journey] said...

Eden, thank you so much for the motivation. I think too often I fail to realize how much I need encouragement.

Keep blogging. The world is watching.


eden said...

You are wellcome journey!instead accept those failures as a challenge......

Cassandra said...

Destiny is a predetermined course of events usually considered to be out of human control.

My life is not predetermined. I make decisions that lead to other decisions and they all domino into the events that make up my life.

There are definitely forces in my life...in the universe...but, those forces have not already decided for me.