SMILE ! 123

Yummy apple.....I can't help but to post a picture after 15 days off from blogging...here is James my brother in law, Rhealyn( my cousin) and my auntie Helen.


Bye ........see you soon.....

Good day everyone ! I wont be blogging for a while ......
see you in two months time :) I will miss you all guys!



'No matter how large the world may seem,we are never too small to make a difference ' .............This is one of my guiding philosophy.Im Eden Silverio Sanchez.EDEN as fondly called by my friends and the first in the brood of 3.My parents are MR. and MRS.Nestor Wania Silverio.I have one brother, JOEL and a Lovely sister LEAH.Born on March 28 1973,im an arean girl.(aries)I can say that everybody can easily get along with me.Im a friendly person.My favorites includes reading, watching tv and films. going out with friends be it in the philippines or here abroad,and most of all i love singing the most.

Im a nursing graduate,from THE GOOD SAMARITAN COLLAGE in the philippines who eventually landed a job in the pharmaceutical industry just a month after my graduation.I worked with MERCURY DRUG CORPORATION for 3 years ,one of the biggest pharmacy in the philippines and worked with ALDRIL PHARMACEUTICAL later for 3 years too.I was with sales and promotion to where ive met my kids dad and im now a mother to a two lovely kids.Erkom Gericho (6) and Ericson geofrey (5).

I abhor people who always find excuses for their short comings and put blame on someone else. Never willing to admit mistakes.

I can say that im an independent person,optimistic and self directed who manage to stay or worked abroad my third and present job.Ive worked in Hong- kong for 2 and a half year but its my sister Leah who encouraged me to come here to Canada.She's in quebec right now.

What made me endure is the feeling of independence.The approachable people around and ofcourse those friends that i make along the way.Homesickness tried to over rule me a lot of times .I always miss my family back home specially my kids, but my ability to adjust easily to a new environment helped me a lot.

Giving the chance to work abroad boosts me morale and strengthens my desire to do morethan the best i can do.It also serves as a constant reminder that if someone puts his/her heart into something,one can achieve it!So for all of you who are contemplating on going up the ladder,start charting your carreer by starting right.Prepare your selves intelectually, psychologically and emotionally.

Its not easy to be far from my family for a while but its worth it, as i'll be applying for my permanent residency here in canada by july this year.Hope to bring my family here the soonest possible time and we'll be together again as one .




People call this echo but really this is life.It gives you back everything you say and do.Our life is simply a reflection of our actions. If you want more love in the world,create more love in your heart.If you want more competence in you team,improve your competence.This relationship applies to everything in all aspects of life.You're life is not a coincidence,its a reflection of you...


WHO .. ARE .. YOU ?

Finding about your self takes a little time, but its worth the effort.You have to understand your self before you can like your self.You have to like your self before you can like other people.You have to like other people before they can like you. Now thats cool! There are a lot of roles you play each day. They all fit together to complete the picture of the real you . Make your own list of you's by answering the question Who am I ?The most obvious answer will probably be your name .But you might also say:im a student,im a member of a club,im a son ,im a daughter,im a brother , im a sister,im a human being,im a friend,im a child of God.im a neighbor.How many other answers can you think of ???


W A L K .... A W A Y ???

Have you ever felt like you would like to dump all your problems and just walk away from them ? Im telling you , there was'nt any such thing as running away . You take your problems with you wherever you go . Then you feel like you have to run away all over again..Its not always easy to stick it out when you're having a hard time , but you can always find out things get better if you hang in there...YOU'LL GET OVER IT!

Have a great week-end ! :)



Learn to hold on and face each day,even though we hurt and feel frustrated.Learn that the simplest pleasures are often the most rewarding.And learn that loosing is often only another step towards winning!

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