Happiness is what we all long for.It runs from rare moments of inexpressible joy to passive contentment.It embraces every instant of existence,all possible experince and make us happy.When this does'nt happen we feel we are being cheated.The capacity for happiness is inside our selves often in a tiny unexplored cocoon.

(This pictures are taken infront of Chateau Frontenac old Quebec ,Quebec City with my sister Leah and our friend Tiny .This place is just 15 minutes away from home so we can just come here and relax anytime....)


J said...

alam mo lipat kami by this end of august sa oshawa ...malapit sa lake:)ang ganda nitong mga pictures na kuha mo.eyyyy malapit na ang 24 series season 5 na this coming fall wow wow WOW.WELCOME BACK HA:)

Lorena said...

you are lucky that you can enjoy this view often.

wise words. very encouraging.

Sidney said...

Nice your posting pictures again.
Lovely tree !

Misreflection said...

when it does not happen we feel cheated yet when it does , we also feel guilty, esp when the world around us is in constant pain and suffering.

eden said...

j:salamat sa pagdalaw cge kita tayo sa oshawa :)

lorena:im lucky indeed!

sidney:thanks for the comment.

misreflection:thank u also :)