Whats look like balance to one person may differ for another because individuals have different goals,values and definitions of success.However there are some common definitions of balance that include:

Having the sense that there is enough time in the day to effectively accomplish work related tasks,The ability to get through our daily work and family responsibilities without feeling drained.Having the ability to participate in activities we enjoy on a regular basis.At the heart of sucessful work life balance is:

accomplishments:getting the stuff we need to get done
enjoyment:having the time for loved ones,fun,rest,excercise and hobbies

Although the concepts of achieving balane are simple,actually creatinga balanced life isnt easy.but it is definitely worthwhile.

1.Begin your balance journey by figuring out what values and priorities are.yeah i know...feels like everything is a priority.Yet too often,our time and energy are spent on things that we dont really care about.Once you're clear about your values and priorities you can begin saying 'no' to those things that move you further away from your values and priorities and 'yes' to those things that are in allignment with values.You can begin to structure your life in a way that supports the personal and professional goals you want to accomplish.Determining the goals you want to accomplish and the quality of life you want to live will help guide you toward figuring out what balance lokks life for you....

2.Idebtify your balance blockers.Balance blockers are those things that we either think or do that stands in the way of achieving balance.Its basically a perspective we hols about why we cant pursue balance related goals.Some examples of blockers are:
-living for the expectations of others at work and at home
-consistently putting the needs of others before your own
-fear of change
-hung up on appearances

once you identify your blockers,pay attention to when you use them as excuses to justify why you cant achieve balance in your life.Explore ways to accomplish your balance goals inspite of your particular balance blockers........

(to be continued)......


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i definitely agree with you...time management it is =)

have a nice day Eden =)

pieterbie said...

Haha, love the nick hipncoolmomma.
I love a woman with a sense of humour.

Balance: I've been looking for it all my life and will likely never find it. Maybe I unbalance myself all the time so that I can continue seeking balance.

It is a good thing to find.

Good luck.

Justin said...

I say, if you're not doing things to make yourself happy, your not living life. Doesn't work for EVERY situation, but still, it works for most.

Patry Francis said...

Interesting post, especially to one deesperately seeking balance.

Chantal said...

Your words are always so true. But not many people realize this all.

Sidney said...

Again, words full of wisdom !

Paul said...

Great thoughts. People often don't step back to ask themselves such questions, and can end up leading largely unconscious, harried, and pretty unpleasant lives.