"No matter how large the world may seem,we are never too small to make a difference"This is one of my guiding philosophy.Im Eden Munoz Silverio .EDEN as fondly called and the first in the brood of 3.My parents are MR. and MRS.Nestor Wania Silverio.I have one brother, JOEL and a Lovely sister LEAH.I was Born on March 28 1973,im an arean girl. I can say that everybody can easily get along with me.Im a friendly person. My favorites includes collecting bags and shoes ,reading ,cooking, watching tv and films, going out with friends be it in the Philippines or here abroad, getting addicted to blogging and photography, I love Singing the most to where i make extra income sometimes.

Im a nursing graduate in the Philippines who eventually landed a job in the Pharmaceutical Industry just a month after my graduation.I worked with MERCURY DRUG CORPORATION for 3 years ,one of the biggest pharmacy in the Philippines and worked with ALDRIL PHARMACEUTICAL later for 3 years too.I was with sales and promotion to where ive met my so called husband GERALD,who abandoned us for three years now and I'm a mother of two lovely kids , Erkom Gericho (8) and Ericson geofrey (7) . I abhor people who always find excuses for their shortcomings and put blame on someone else.Never willing to admit mistakes.I can say that im an independent person,optimistic and self directed who manage to stay and work abroad as a care giver.I've worked in Hong- kong for 3 years but it's my sister Leah who encouraged me to come here to Canada .Ive been here for 4 years now,and hoping to have my kids with me early next year or summer maybe? Im always praying for that and working on our papers for 2 years now.What made me endure is the feeling of independence.The approachable people around and ofcourse those friends that i make along the way.Homesickness tried to over rule me a lot of times ,but i know GOD is always there for me and my kids.

I always miss my family back home specially Erkom and Ericson , but my ability to adjust easily to a new environment helped me a lot . Giving the chance to work abroad boosts me morale and strengthens my desire to do more than the best I can do.It also serves as a constant reminder that if someone puts his/her heart into something , one can achieve it ! So for all of you who are contemplating on going up the ladder , start charting your carreer by starting right.Prepare your selves intelectually, psychologically and emotionally.



my thoughts on love....let it hurt you... but don't fall for the same thing again and again...hate the person that hurt you, if it helps you get over it... because in time, you'll never really hate a person you once loved(sincerely)let love help you grow more mature....let love or the person who loves you teach you the good things aboutbeing in love.So when the time comes that you feel that you no longer should be together,you can walk away and simply say: " that was good, it's time to move on."( of course it wont be that easy )be mature enough to say that it is partly your fault why it did not last.On my part the only reason i know is because i worked abroad??And be wise enough to look back every now and then, as to not repeat the mistakes that cause arguements or even the break up.When you are in love value it. Never take anyone for granted.And hope that no one makes you feel or treat you that way.LOVE for you only live once!!always keep in mind that you may only have that one chance, that moment to have said what you really felt.Do not be 60years old and say: i wonder what if? PAthetic!!Seize the day and live Life And these are my thoughts,on love........



Always remind your self that you possess the power and the stength you need to bring contentment, joy and love into your life.Try to be understanding of your self,and give your self the love and patience that you need.Today is the day to move forward towards your bright tomorrow......(I realy need those words of encouragement)


Flower of the sun...

Dont ever give up.The sun is always up there...somewhere...shining in the sky.Reach out and do your best to chase the clouds away.And remember that every tomorrow is a whole new opportunity to begin anew in the light of a brand new day!



There is inside you all of the potential to be whatever you want to be...all the energy to do whatever you want to do.Imagine yourself as you would like to be,doing what you want to do,and each day ,take steps towards your dream.And though at times it may seem too difficult to continue,hold on to your dream...One morning you will awake to find that you are the person you dreamed of - doing what you want to do - simply because you had the courage to believe in your potential and to hold on to your Dream.



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All i ever need is your voice to kiss away the tears
and wipe away my frowns.All i ever need is your love
to make me smile after a long day.All i ever need
is for you to pick up the phone everytime i call,and
everytime the phone rings i pray that its you. All i
ever need is to talk to you for our kids sake.All
i ever need is you go and visit the kids nor pay them
a call at least.All i ever need is an explanation why.
I just hope that you are happy now with the life you
choose to be.I cant reach you, i cant find you,WHERE ARE YOU ?



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Hear nothing,see nothing and speak nothing ....
but one thing i know..........its your BIRTHDAY today!
Hey,hey hey,hey .We've come along long way.to wish you
a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.This day means a lot to us,we're gonna create
a great big fuss,go ahead have loads of fun.The day you are
NUMBER ONE!...........Happy birthday Jhon Paul!