Cold cold snow


Rock Kauser said...

Heavy, wet, dark and cold... I want some snow!

floots said...

i'm jealous too
all we have here is a cold cold wind
(not easy to photograph!)

pieterbie said...

I'm still waiting for Eden on skates.
Skies are clear over here, not a cloud in sight. And the sun is shining.
Hard to believe that it snowed here last week.

Chantal said...

Snow may be cold, but is also fun.

eden said...

rock and floots :maybe you can come over and enjoy the snow here in Canada :)

pieter: dont worry ill try it again ,next time youll see me skating :) (hope i wont fall again)

Chantal :yes its really cold but fun at thesame time coz there are lots of activities during winter hey :)Im enjoying it so far!