Rhealyne and Musang the 17 years old dog


Marie said...

yehey! ako una! what 17 years old? that's great!

pieterbie said...

17 is a ripe old age for a dog.
As long as it is still in good health.

jamie lang said...

lol - that's hilarious!

Sidney said...

Happy New Year!!! Wish you the best !
17 years old! That is not bad for a dog!
Funny pictures!

Rock Kauser said...

The Mardi Gras party dog :)

Lorena said...

he's so adorable, i want one of my own :)!!

floots said...

get to my age and pix of old dogs are like looking in the mirror :)
nice pshots
hopehe is as happy as me

Chantal said...

That is quite old, nice dog.

eden said...

te marie :thanks congrats nauna ka hehe !

pieter : yup musang is quite old already but the thing is my aunt loves her so much thats why hes still there :)

jamie: hilarious really :)

sidney: hey nice to see you back!

rock:yeah musang lovespartying if we dont sleep he dont slep ,if we watch tv hes there watching too:)

lorena :yes so adorable but when he do things that is unusual ,ohhh rhealyn get upset.shes the one who takes care of him and walk walk once in a while.

floots: lol to you comment :) ofcourse hes happy hey!

chantal: yup quite old as everybody said .actually hes not that healthy anymore rhealyn said he already have an alzhimers(lol) and arthritis :(

thanks everyone!

Jean said...

Animaux or humains ..no différent