All i ever need is your voice to kiss away the tears
and wipe away my frowns.All i ever need is your love
to make me smile after a long day.All i ever need
is for you to pick up the phone everytime i call,and
everytime the phone rings i pray that its you. All i
ever need is to talk to you for our kids sake.All
i ever need is you go and visit the kids nor pay them
a call at least.All i ever need is an explanation why.
I just hope that you are happy now with the life you
choose to be.I cant reach you, i cant find you,WHERE ARE YOU ?


Jean said...

I hope too that you are happy now and always !

pieterbie said...

Hope you find who you are looking for.
Mysterious picture.

jamie lang said...

sad - i'd hate to be in those shoes.

Imaginair' said...

Beautiful poem of love. But love must ot be suffering.

eden said...

jean: yes im always trying to be
happy :)

pieter: this picture was taken down the METRO (train station)in montreal.

jamie:sigh.....i really hate it too


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...


Lorena said...

eventually you will stop looking elsewhere and looking inward and realize that you have all you need :)

hope you are doing well.

floots said...

great pic and a moving poem/plea

eden said...

hey lorena, thanks im always trying to be and think that everythings fine :)

floots: tnx and really love that new look,cool !

Sidney said...

Life can be hard sometimes! I do hope he picks up the phone!

eden said...

sidney:you know he just did(picked up the phone and answer my call after 10 months)but the conversation ?????twas never thesame as it was :(

alley cat said...

hey eden,
you write so beautifully, from the heart. i could feel your pain. i hope that you are feeling a little better.
thanks for dropping by my blog too. can i link yours to mine? would love to keep coming back.