This is the result of being depressed.I cant help but to eat and eat and eat just to realized that im already as big as this.....

Have a GREAT weekend !


Jean said...

Quels yeux malicieux !
La VIE !
Vous avez un tr├Ęs beau sourire !
What malicious eyes!
You have a very beautiful smile!

cruise said...

very nice black ng white portrait... ikaw ba yan?

Typical INgredients said...

Hi Eden,

That's a real nice pictures of yours and thanks for sharing it!

Have a nice weekend!


pieterbie said...

You don't look depressed.
If you are: please don't be.
I don't think you look bad.
I'm convinced you are a great person.

Sidney said...

Tsk,tsk... you could be a model.

Legabal said...

The happiness helps you if your you help yourself, To take care of itself and thanks for your photos.Cheers.

Rock Kauser said...

Depression is a very difficult thing to deal with.

May you find peace, joy and happiness.

Imaginair' said...

Black and White is smart Try to have this look and see many people !!

Marie said...

oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh my gosh!you've grown big nga compared to the picture posted in my link board.
No problem that's okay, you look very pretty pa rin.

eden said...

jean: thanks for the compliment!

cuise: yup thats me chubby!

tin:salamat sa dalaw,

pieter: everybody's tellin me that i dont look like having troubles :)

sidney: thanks,im blushing with your comment Model??? lol

rock:its really hard but dont worry im still smiling hey:)

imaginair: ok from now on ill try to have that look always :)

ate marie:yup sinabi mo pa,i gained a lot.paano naman nagbabaon pa ako ng foods sa bed pag hindi ako nakakatulog sa kakaisip.nakaka stress talaga!

Lorena said...

i like the b&w. i hope you are feeling better. just keep smiling. lovely smile :)