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floots said...

welcome back
hope you had a good time
nice shots - where is it

cruise said...

tama ba yung nakikita ko, yelo pa rin yung tubig dagat (o ilog)? ganda ng bridge pati na rin yung sky...

Chantal said...

I would have cropped a bit of the sky myself.

Sidney said...

Still cold out there! No need for a bridge. You can walk on the ice! ;-)

eden said...

floots:thnx and yes i had a nice time with friends and enjoyed my 4 days off.That bridge was taken near my place ,its like 15 min drive from here!

cruise:yup tama ka brother yelo yan at nag snow pa rin dito sa quebec :(

chantal: hello dear,tnx for the comment and yes i think youre right ill try to crop it later :)

sidney: hi ! yes it is still very cold here and still snowing a little bit.walking is a good excercise but thats quite far thought :)

thanks everyone :)