Life is funny or so it seems
Often imitating a bad night's dream
Then there's the times when life is so good
What's it all about? I wish I understood!

We're born to this world not knowing where we
Many of us find our way and yet others get it all
For the ones that find happiness, contentment,
and peace
They go through life happy dreading the day their
time will cease.

It's not the lucky people that find happiness most
That I will concern myself with, while writing my
poetic phrase
Others like me, who are often sad and blue
Are the people I will write about, telling tales that
are frequent and true.

Many of us have tales of woe
Telling of dreams crushed and gone, long ago
Some were of success, money, and fame
Others of broken hearts, it's all quite the same.

We lived, laughed, loved, and lost
Whether it was money, friendship, or love, it hurts
just the same, of course
Lovers quarrel, feelings exposed and damaged,
gone is the rapport
Sometimes less but often more, we shed our tears
for what wasn't in store.

Having great expectations about life when young
The world was ours to explore, study, frolic in and
have fun
But somewhere along the way
We lost the freedom that comes with happiness
and play.

Living life we try to do our part
Helping others to be happy while attempting to be
Believing that this is the way
That G-d intended we live each day.

Some of us find our way back home
Where happiness, love, and contentment become
our own .


Jolliette Quebec (North of Montreal)

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