ST.MADELINE CHURCH and its surroundings....

St.Madeline Church

The rock


campsite view from the church
a week home
confession area

above 5 is the church snack area...


Ferdz said...

This beautiful church has a great location, being situated among those amazing surroundings. Sana kunin ako ng SIs ko sa Canada para mapasyalan ko rin yan.

Thanks for dropping by my site :D

eden said...

hello ferdz - thanks for the visit and yup got the chance to see your site through cruise and nice one!

kind regards!

cruise said...

ganda ng architecture ng church, modern pero classic pa rin ang dating ;)

Sidney said...

Nice place!

risk said...

grabeng ganda ng place a... sarap mag relax ng ilang araw dyan... salamat sa pagbisita ha... daan daan ka lang pag may time ka...

post ka pa ng maraming pics galing dyan sa canada ha, heheheh

Anonymous said...

Eden talaga superrrrrrrr galing the way you take photos , you've got a
lot of talents super beauty ka pa at super bait take care & you know
what I met Nicole @ the cafeteria of Concorde only today.Keep up the
good work and dont forget for the FQA newsletter ha... bye

lito & lorraine

floots said...

that's one impressive place
thank you