TAG -A -TAG...

Me ,together with other Blogkadahan was tagged by Ate Marie.
Heres the 20 things in response to that:

1. How often do you blog? Hmmm i cant really say it,if im not bz i`ll do it everyday..
2. Online Alias: Just thesame EDEN
3. Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew? No
4. What do you do most often when you are bored? Go out and take pictures,I do sing alot...(nagwawala sa mikropono)
5. When bathing, which do you wash first? Foot to head :) kakaiba d ba?
6. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? Yes,I still remember ,that was last year....(personal eh)
7. What color looks best on you? white and brown
8. What is your favorite alcoholic drink? Martini,Grand Marnier,Ramazzotti,white rhum..pero occasionally lang din
9. Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death? definitely YES
10. Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends? No ,kainis nga eh , :)
11. What was your favorite subject in school? hmmm its funny but my answer is MUSIC ,best and easy for me.....true answer ko pala....ENGLISH :)
12. Are you a perfectionist? Not at all,kaya nga yata d ako nakahanap ng perfect partner dati :( --- ngayon palang :)
13. Do you spend more than you can afford? No ,palibhasa ILOCANA (kuripot daw) :) but i buy the things i want ofcourse.
14. Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have love before? CORRECT ,I say yes to that,coz if not I would never have my 2 angels.Thats the best part of it,but the lost love is ok....
15. Do you consider yourself creative? Yes in many ways...
16. Do you give yourself the credit you deserve? YES
17. Do you donate time or money to charities? sometimes ....
18. Have you recently done something that you`ve critisized others for doing?NO
19. What*s on your mind? To go Home and see my kids the soonest possible time,hug and kiss them ,we eat together ,bring them to school and help them do their homework.
20. Say one nice thing about the person who tagged you ?Beautiful.friendly and loving ate Marie :)
I*m tagging two Photoblogger Friends...CRUISE and KNEEKO


cruise said...

hala i-tag daw ako, cge. isasama ko sa mga sususnod na post, hintay lang ako topic, hehe

Rey said...

Hi Eden, thanks for dropping by. Nice blog here... I just find hard to read all the bold words. Sa mata ko siguro ang deperensiya.

Marichu said...

hello ganda nang blog mo ah cool na cool! hope to read more on your blog! God bless you! and ingatz!

gulnaz said...

hey there! good to see you on my comment page....that was a sweet post, got to know a fair bit about you and you really cute in that pic!

kneeko said...

elo po... nasave ko na... post ko later huh

brown color gusto ko rin yan sa painting.. kantahan pala hilig mo hehe

Marie said...

thanks for the response. Funny naman bathing style mo - foot to head parang bihira yan ah and I'm excited about our plans of one videoke night. madidinig ko na galing mong kumanta and so with Steve.

Jean said...

Merci pour toutes ces belles photos !
J'adore en particulier les ciels du 8 septembre !

eden said...

cruise: dapat sagutin mga tanong ha!

rey:thanks for dropping by and sorry for the bold letters try ko change yung color.

marichu: nice to see you here:) got the chance to visit your blog too and i can say its one cool blog!

gulnaz: im really happy that you are back...but...whats that goodbye again????

kneeko:thanks for the response on the tag a tag....wait ko post mo ok!

te marie :oo nga eh, kakaiba ng style sa pagligo kasi i used to make kalikot sa mga kuko at daliri ng paa ko b-4 ako maligo parang everyday pedicure :)tapos nun super scrub sa legs ...pataas na hehe......

salamat po!hanggang sa muli :)