STEEVE made it to the next round of STAR GARANTIE 2007.Two contestants were eliminated yesterday.Thank you so much for your votes and We are hoping for your vote again from thursday at 6pm till monday at 4 pm.Just go to http://www.cfom1029.com ...click on Star Garantie then scroll down to STEEVE MATHIEU click (votez pour ce candidat) to vote for him.The 4 songs played here are I'LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN, FEELINGS,IF I CAN DREAM AND the song he sang when we first met WELLCOME TO MY WORLD.....its an old one but i love it!



Let's imagine then, not just California, but the entire world, waking up one day to discoverFilipinos have disappeared. We're talking here aboutthe six or seven million Filipinos currently workingoverseas in countries with names that run the entirealphabet, from Angola to Zimbabwe.

Let's not worry first about why or how the Filipinos disappeared; in fact, it becomes academic whetherit's a day or a week. Just imagine .... a world without Filipinos.Think of the homes that are dependent on Filipinohousekeepers, nannies, caregivers. The homes wouldbe chaotic as kids cry out for their nannies. HongKong and Singaporean and Taiwanese yuppie couples are now forced to stay home and realizing, goodness,there's so much of housework that has to be handledand how demanding their kids can be and hey, what'sthis strange language they're babbling in?It's not just the children that are affected.

The problems are even more serious with the elderly inhomes and nursing institutions, because Filipinocaregivers have provided so much of the criticalservices they need. When temporary contractualworkers are brought in from among non-Filipinos, the elderly complain. They want their Filipino caregivers back because they have that special touch, that extra patience and willingness to stayan hour more when needed.

Hospitals, too, are adversely affected because somany of the disappeared Filipinos were physicians,nurses and other health professionals. All appointments for rehabilitation services, fromchildren with speech problems to stroke survivors,are indefinitely postponed because of disappearedspeech pathologists, occupational and physicaltherapists!Eventually, the hospital administrators announcethey won't take in any more patients unless the conditions are serious. Patients are told to followtheir doctors' written orders and, if they havequestions, to seek advice on several Internetmedical sites. But within two days, the hospitals are swamped with new complaints.

The websites aren't working because of missing Filipino webdesigners and website managers.Service establishments throughout the world --restaurants, supermarkets, hotels -- all close downbecause of their missing key staff involved in management and maintenance. In Asia, hotels complainabout the missing bands and singers.

In the United States, many commercial establishmentshave to close shop, not just because of the missingFilipino sales staff but because their suppliers have all been sending in notices about delays inshipments. Yup, the shipping industry has gone intoa crisis because of missing Filipino seafarers.The shipping firms begin to look into the emergencyrecruitment of non-Filipino seafarers but then declare another crisis: They're running out ofsupplies of oil for their ships because the MiddleEastern countries have come to a standstill withouttheir Filipino workers, including quite a fewworking for the oil industry.

Frantic Presidents and Prime Ministers call on the United Nations to convene a special session of theSecurity Council but Kofi Annan says he can't do that because the UN system itself is on the edge,with so many of their secretarial and clerical staff, as well as translators, having disappeared from their main headquarters in New York and Geneva,as well as their regional offices throughout the world. Quite a number of UN services, especiallyrefugee camps, are also in danger of closing downbecause of missing Filipino health professionals andteachers.Annan also explains that he can't convene UNmeetings because the airports in New York,Washington and other major US cities have been shut down.

The reason? The disappeared Filipinos included quite a few airport security personnel who used to check passengers and their baggage.Annan calls on the World Bank and internationalprivate foundations for assistance but they'recrippled, too, because their Filipino consultantsand staff are nowhere to be seen. Funds can't be remitted and projects can't run without thetechnical assistance provided for by Filipinos.

An exasperated Annan calls on religious leaders topray, and pray hard. But when he phones the Pope, he is told the Catholic Church, too, is in crisisbecause the disappeared include the many Filipinopriests and nuns in Rome who help run day-to-dayactivities, as well as missionaries in thefrontlines of remote posts, often the only ones providing basic social services.As they converse, Annan and the Pope agree on one thing: the world has become a quieter place sincethe Filipinos disappeared. It isn't just thesilencing of work and office equipment formerlyhandled by Filipinos; no, it seems there's much lesslaughter now that the Filipinos aren't around, both the laughter of the Filipinos and those they served.

I know, I'ts exaggerating the contributions of Filipinos to the world but considering what the producers of "A Day Without Mexicans" had in mind:using a bit of hyperbole to shake people up. As their blurb for the film goes: "How do you make the invisible, visible? " " Make them invisible."To realize this not so much for the Hong Kong Chinese and Taiwanese and Singaporeans and Americans who don't appreciate us enough, than for us, who as Filipinos,are pretty good at putting ourselves down, atmaking ourselves invisible.

Pinagmamalaki ko ..... ako ay isang PILIPINO !



Star Garantie is a singing contest here in Quebec to where 10 finalists were chosen to participate on the said competition. Steeve is one of them so PLEASE....VOTE FOR HIM starting thursday January 25, 2006 at 6pm till 4pm on monday 1/29/07. Each week they are going to eliminate two contestants.You can hear their songs at the radio and through computer. Go to HTTP://cfom1029.com every thursday from 4pm to 6pm and after six is voting time.They recorded five songs but they will play just one song each week.Please go to the site mentioned above , cast your vote from there with your e-mail address.One e- mail address is one point so help help and help .....pls.

play songs - every thursday 4 to 6pm for 5 weeks
vote - voting time is from 6pm thursday till 4pm monday
elimination - 2 finalists with the lowest vote are out of the competition.




People call this echo but really this is life.It gives you back everything you say and do.Our life is simply a reflection of our actions. If you want more love in the world,create more love in your heart.If you want more competence in you team,improve your competence.This relationship applies to everything in all aspects of life.You're life is not a coincidence,its a reflection of you...



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To capture the essence of life,we have to search deeply.Find your limitations and build upon them.Create within your self a person who is strong and capable of withstanding pain.Life will offer some disappointments,but remember, through those situations you become a stronger, more stable person.Dont over look obstacles but work through them.Remember that each road you choose will offer some difficulty.If life were meant to be easy,there would be no challenges and no rainbows....



The ginger falls

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You are a wonderful person;do wonderful things.True happiness must come from within you.You will find it by letting your conscience guide you,listen to it follow it.It is the key to your happiness.Dont strive to impress others but strive to impress your self.Be the person you were meant to be.Everything else will follow;your dreams will come true.
Learn new ways to help us find peace and contentment once again ;new ways to help us make a richer life for our selves....