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To capture the essence of life,we have to search deeply.Find your limitations and build upon them.Create within your self a person who is strong and capable of withstanding pain.Life will offer some disappointments,but remember, through those situations you become a stronger, more stable person.Dont over look obstacles but work through them.Remember that each road you choose will offer some difficulty.If life were meant to be easy,there would be no challenges and no rainbows....


eden said...

ann and kneeko - sorry for the last entry ,d nyo na view but im using slide again as my server para makita nyo ulit pictures.the 3 last pix posted here are the ones you coud'nt view down.....

best regards to all :0)

lws said...

hi sis :)gud morning,
medyo busy ang monday na'to para sa'kin sa wakas medyo madami dami din snow rito sa'min later afternoon labas kami until night.bukas afternoon ako makakapag online talaga ng todo.anyway,hope u have a great day.

take care and salamat ha....palagi kang nandyan.

God bless you and your loveone's.


Francesca said...

hey, buti pa dyan, may snow. dito sa France, baka July na darating, LOL
Nice message again. Upbuilding.
Musta from us in France.
Nanay na naman ako, and no time much sa blogging, but keepin updates even at 3am, haha.

ghee said...

Hi Eden,Mah dear!!

The pics are really awesome..I hate cold season,but the snow in the pics tries to remind me that there are lovely things to be done during winter :)

the txt is great,too!I love the last part:

If life were meant to be easy,there would be no challenges and no rainbow...yeah,I believe so...

LadyWhiteSpirit said...

sis salamat ha,puro poems collections ang pinagpapanstasyahan ko ngayon.

God bless:)tama ka...sinusubukan ko mag move on..medyo mahirap kaya nagdadasal ako na makayanan ko salamat sa paalala talaga

eden said...

lws - dont mention it! you are most wellcome :)ingat lagi!

eden said...

ate amy - sige pagbutihin ang pagiging nanay ,medyo matagal din na d mo nagawa yan d ba? gaya ko :(

regards sa family mo!

eden said...

ghee - finally you're back!im sure you had a wonderful time with fellow bloggers sa pinas! and your family too.


eden said...

lws- hello jane ,sabi ko nga kaya mo yan ikaw pa! leave it all to HIM, and everything will be alright :)