Steeve started his new business already which means more work for both of us.We had our first casino party two weeks past and it was a successful one. We have 12 Black jack Tables for rent ,1 Wheel of Fortune Table, And 1 Roulette available for now......more tables coming up.It was a group of skating teenagers who rented the whole package (14 tables) We did the decorations too.They want to make a big trip to UK so they are trying to raise money for that.They sell 200 tickets ($20 each)for the party and for the grand prize they gave a weekend holiday for two at a five star hotel here in quebec. The 20 dollars they paid is woth 200,000 chips each player.In short no cash involved in playing at STEEVES CASINO... lots of group who wants to make money for their organization loves doing this CASINO party here in quebec.He's been preparing this business for a year now. atlast its finished and ready to make muuuhlahhhh! We need money kaya we need to work more and more... Luckily we already have bookings all fridays and all saturdays starting this wk-end till the wk-end of decemnber.Wish us good luck !Hopefully we could get a contract too for our Band.We've been practicing songs like disco,oldies,and ballad songs since june this year.Me together with another girl and steeve will be singing and we have 3 musicians too.I can not say we are PRO now but if we can book for Christmas Time we are ready to rock :0)




HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

wow! pede pala yung ganun? sinong mga dealers? sorry ha clueless ako, first time to hear about casino parties.

Eden said...

hello girlie,
this party was organized by the parents of the said kids.They sold 200 tkts but not all came to join the party at sila yung mga dealers.

The players can buy additional chips at 5 dollars for 100,000 more.We will give them certain time to play then lahat ng winning dealers on each tables will play at the millionaire table then yung mananalo duon will be the grand prize ,a box(24)bottles of red and white wine,weekend dinner for two,or weekend stay sa hotel.....it depends on the organizers kun ano yung prize,

since first time ni steeve on this thingy ,he just donated the money which is suppposed to be the rent for the tables.(1,200) can dollars kaya yung pinagbentahan nila ng tickets sa kanila lahat.For experience and to get customers ba.They made 4,000 plus nagbenta rin sila ng soft drinks and wines at snack sa loob kaya mga around 5,000 kinita nila.

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ann said...

Hello Eden! Ngayon lang din ako nakarinig nang ganito. Nasa isang place lang ba kayo? Pag may nag rent dinadala nyo yung mga gamit? Paano nga ba?

Sidney said...

Wow! So you are going to be the next queen and king of casinos!
Lots and lots of money you can earn in this business! Didn't knew private individuals could open a casino so easily!

Congratulations! Your casino looks great! I wish you and Steeve good luck!

Francesca said...

This is informative, eden. Pwede kaya to sa internet shop ko?
Sana, pwede, laki pala gana nyan!
thanks for the photos, i see now whats casino inside.

Tikey said...

Ang cute ng mga costumes ehehe

ghee said...

whoah!casino!looks fun :)
with matching costumes :)

wishing you a nice week ahead!


Eden said...

@ ann - hello dear!buti nakadalaw ka as i know lagi ka ring bzbzbz!
it depends on the organizer if they have place then we have to bring our tables there or kung gusto nila we have our own place too but they have to pay for that.


Eden said...

hello sidney,
be the next king and queen of casino? not realy hey :)

we just hope it will work out good..as of now we are fully booked all fridays and saturdays till jan.after that we hope to have more contracts.as of now here in quebec city alone there are only five companies who are doing this.

Eden said...

ate amy,
yes bakit hindi hehe!try mo rin.patok dito sa quebec.as in yung mga naka book kay steeve eh mga cadette,scouts,org. for sick children,home for the aged. etc..etc..yung mga organisasyon who want to help the poor something like that and not just for the own pocket hehe.

Eden said...

hay naku d ko nga na post yung mga naka costumes eh, sige to follow nalang :)

Eden said...

@ ghee - yes sister we had fun! with music pa kasi (disco) and yup naka costume sila kasi nataon na b4 halloween eh!

rabi said...

magkaano naman ang renta neto?

rabi said...

pahabol, paano f wlang maging dealer? pero gustong mag pa party ang tao pwede din kayo?

Eden said...

hello there.ang rent ng isang table is $150.00 (can dollars) kasama na duon yung (coupier) dont know how it calls yung mag didistribute ng card :)

yup actually may magpapaparty sa dec. 6, they just want casino party alone rent 6 tables....yes pwedeng pwede hehe!

Leah said...

Wow, This sounds like a great business and you help out na rin for good causes. This season is certainly a busy one. Good luck and all the best.

kneeko said...

hmmmm galing ng business ah... ayos ung mga prizes... sali ako hehe

Eden said...

hello leah- tnx for visiting :0)yup hopefully mag click nga yung business! steeves always reach out to the less fortunate ones .kahit walang pera yan matulungin lalu
na dun sa mga cancer org. or fund raising for kids....nagdadala rin yan once a year sa childrens hospital ng mga toys.....

Eden said...

@kneeko - naku buti naman at nakapag comment ka na :0) pwede ka sumali ,bilis punta ka na dito sa quebec :0)

Petunia said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

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